Yaron Peleg, “Directed by God: Jewishness in Contemporary Israeli Film and Television” (University of Texas Press, 2016)
As part of its effort to forge a new secular Jewish nation, the nascent Israeli state tried to limit Jewish religiosity. However, with the steady growth of the ultraorthodox community and the expansion of the settler community, Israeli society is… Read More
Discussion with Dahlia Schweitzer (“Going Viral”) and Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars”)
Follow-up interviews are always fun. Listen to my follow-up interview with Dahlia Schweitzer, author of Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World (Rutgers University Press, 2018). I talk with her and Rob Thomas, the creator of… Read More
Mark A. McCutcheon, “The Medium Is the Monster: Canadian Adaptations of Frankenstein and the Discourse of Technology” (Athabasca UP, 2018)
What do Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, media theorist Marshall McLuhan and Canadian popular culture have in common? This is the question that Mark A. McCutcheon seeks to answer in his new book, The Medium Is the Monster: Canadian Adaptations of Read More
Jacob Bricca, “Documentary Editing: Principles and Practice” (Focal Press, 2018)
While documentaries have been an accepted part of filmmaking for a long time, they are more popular than ever now, partly because of the many ways of distribution, as well as the less expensive methods of making them. Jacob Bricca Read More
Brian Tochterman, “The Dying City: Postwar New York and the Ideology of Fear” (UNC Press, 2017)
What does it mean to say that a city can “die”? As Brian Tochterman shows in this compelling intellectual and cultural history, motifs of imminent death—of a “Necropolis” haunting the country’s great “Cosmopolis”—have been a persistent feature of discourse on… Read More
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