Jennifer Frost, “Producer of Controversy: Stanley Kramer, Hollywood Liberalism and the Cold War” (UP of Kansas, 2017)
While Stanley Kramer is considered a successful producer and director of many films as Hollywood moved out of the studio era, he also was criticized for his lesser skills as a director, as well as his liberal beliefs that permeated many of his movies. In Producer of Controversy: Stanley Kramer,... Read More
Carla M. Wilson, “Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs” (Black Scat Books, 2017)
In Impossible Conversations: Imaginary Interviews with World-Famous Artists (Black Scat Books, 2015), Carla M. Wilson imagined discussions with (you guessed it) world-famous artists. In this book—Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs (Black Scat Books, 2017)—Wilson applies the same imaginative technique to film. She “talks” to ten renowned directors, including Orson Welles,... Read More
Becky Aikman, “Off the Cliff: How the Making of Thelma and Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge” (Penguin Books, 2017)
Thelma and Louise is rightly considered a great film that went through an incredible journey to the screen. It is also an illustration of how dedicated women still had to fight hard to get it made. Becky Aikman‘s book Off the Cliff: How the Making of Thelma and Louise Drove... Read More
Kevin Bartig, “Sergei Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky” (Oxford UP, 2017)
Kevin Bartig’s new book Sergei Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky (Oxford University Press, 2017) explores multiple facets of one of the most famous film scores of the twentieth century, as well as the cantata Prokofiev adapted from the original music. Sergei Eisenstein’s classic film Alexander Nevsky, about a thirteenth-century Russian national hero... Read More
Zach Sands, “Film Comedy and the American Dream” (Routledge, 2017)
On this episode Diana DePasquale talks to Zach Sands, author of Film Comedy and the American Dream (Routledge, 2017). Some of the films Zach writes about are Harvey, The Graduate, Blazing Saddles, The Jerk, Trading Place, and Office Space. Zach’s doctorate is in American Culture Studies with an Interdisciplinary Specialization... Read More
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