Hana Samek Norton, “The Serpent’s Crown” (Cuidono Press, 2015)
In the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade, the grip of European knights on the Holy Land has begun to loosen. The Muslim forces under Saladin have won a major victory, and the crusaders have so far forgotten themselves as to… Read More
Lauren Belfer, “And After the Fire” (Harper, 2016)
It’s May 1945, and a pair of American GIs in occupied Germany find themselves at what appears to be an abandoned estate. When they enter, they discover a resident, reduced to burning valuable books for fuel. Within an hour, the… Read More
Kristen Harnisch, “The California Wife” (She Writes Press, 2016)
Sara Thibault and her new husband, Philippe Lemieux, grew up in Vouvray, amid the French vineyards that dot the Loire Valley. But when the phylloxera blight of the 1870s devastates their families business, Philippe decides to try his luck in… Read More
Diane McKinney-Whetstone, “Lazaretto” (Harper, 2016)
A hundred years before Ellis Island became a processing center for immigrants wishing to enter the United States, Philadelphia had the Lazaretto, a quarantine hospital where every ship entering the harbor from June to September had to stop while those… Read More
Laini Giles, “The Forgotten Flapper: A Novel of Olive Thomas” (Sepia Stories, 2015)
A ghost haunts the New Amsterdam Theatre, near Times Square in New York. She wears a green outfit in flapper style, and she’s just a little annoyed to realize that no one is scared of her, even though she mostly… Read More
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