Greg van Eekhout, “California Bones” (Tor Books, 2014)
Southern California can seem magical, thanks to sunny skies, warm weather, orange groves and movie stars. In Greg van Eekhout‘s California Bones (Tor Books, 2014) the magic is real. The Kingdom of Southern California is ruled by osteomancers who… Read More
Eric LeMay,  “In Praise of Nothing: Essays, Memoir, and Experiments” (Emergency Press, 2014)
Some people describe a lonesome highway or the middle of a desert town–even a state like Ohio–as “the middle of nowhere.”  But for others, like Eric LeMay, no such place exists. There is always a “there there.”  It’s the… Read More
Leah Hager Cohen, “No Book But the World” (Riverhead Books, 2014)
Works of fiction sometimes offer unique windows on society, and so it is with Leah Hager Cohen‘s novel No Book but the World (Riverhead, 2014). The story opens with Ava’s search for answers to how her brother Fred has… Read More
Nicole Walker, “Quench Your Thirst with Salt” (Zone 3 Press, 2013)
What’s made you who you are? It’s a straightforward enough question, one that pops up, more or less and with more or less urgency, in most of our lives. And it’s a question for which most of us have straightforward… Read More
Ben Hatke, “Legends of Zita the Spacegirl” (First Second, 2012)
In this sequel to Zita the Spacegirl, Zita faces the perils of being a famous space hero. Ben Hatke once again combines whimsical and lovely drawings with a great sense of humor. Although I purchased Legends of Zita the Read More
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