Byrd Williams, “Proof: Photographs from Four Generations of a Texas Family” (U. of North Texas Press, 2016)
Proof: Photographs from Four Generations of a Texas Family by Byrd Williams, with text by Byrd Williams IV, forward by Roy Flukinger and afterword by Anne Wilkes Tucker, is published by the University of North Texas Press, (2016). 224… Read More
Stephen Dupont, “Piksa Niugini” (Peabody Press/Radius Books, 2013)
Piksa Niugini by Stephen Dupont, with forward by Robert Gardner and essay by Bob Connolly, is published by the Peabody Press and Radius Books, (2013). Volume 1: 144 pages, 80 duotone, 6 color images. Volume 2: 144 pages,… Read More
Robert Herman, “The New Yorkers” (Proof Positive Press, 2015)
The New Yorkers by Robert Herman, with an introduction by Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints and Photographs at the City Museum of New York, is published by Proof Positive Press (2015). Robert Herman is a photographer and author of… Read More
Jade Doskow, “Lost Utopias” (Black Dog Publishing, 2016)
Since 2007, American photographer Jade Doskow has been documenting the remains of World’s Fair sites, once iconic global attractions that have often been repurposed for less noble aspirations or neglected and fallen into decay. Lost Utopias (Black Dog Publishing, 2016)… Read More
Miki Kratsman with Ariella Azoulay, “The Resolution of the Suspect” (Radius Books, 2016)
The Resolution of the Suspect by Israeli photographer Miki Kratsman, with text by Ariella Azoulay, is co-published by the Peabody Museum Press at Harvard and Radius Books of Santa Fe, NM (2016). Mr. Kratsman was the 2011 recipient… Read More
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