Stephen Baxter, “The Massacre of Mankind,” (Crown, 2017)
In this episode, Rob Wolf speaks with Stephen Baxter, author of The Massacre of Mankind (Crown, 2017), the alliteratively titled sequel to H. G. Wells‘ alliteratively titled classic, The War of the Worlds. Baxter is the author… Read More
Julie E. Czerneda, Ed., “Nebula Awards Showcase 2017,” (Pyr, 2017)
Since their establishment, the Nebula Awards have proven a trusty guide to what the next generation will consider a classic. Take for example, the inaugural award for Best Novel, which went to Frank Herbert for Dune in 1965. Dune‘s… Read More
John Rieder, “Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System” (Wesleyan UP, 2017)
A deft and searching exploration of genre theory through science fiction, and science fiction through genre theory, John Rieder‘s Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System (Wesleyan University Press, 2017) makes a significant contribution to the efforts to… Read More
PJ Manney, “(ID)entity,” (47North, 2017)
Artificial intelligence has long been a favorite feature of science fiction. Every robot or talking computer or starship operating system has contributed to our idealized image of the bits-and-bytes brain. In (ID)entity (47North, 2017), PJ Manney further expands our vision… Read More
Malka Older, “Null States,” (Tor, 2017)
Malka Older‘s Centenal Cycle is set in the latter half of the 21st century and yet, like all good science fiction, it speaks to the current moment. Null States (Tor, 2017), the second book in her series, builds on… Read More
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