Eliot Fintushel, “Zen City,” (Zero Books, 2016)
“The future begins with a traffic jam.” This is how Eliot Fintushel describes the setting of Zen City (Zero Books, 2016), his science fiction novel about the obstacles encountered along the path toward spiritual fulfillment. In Fintushel’s book, the quest… Read More
Dave Hutchinson, “Europe in Autumn” (Solaris, 2014)
Do not call Dave Hutchinson prescient. Even though his Fractured Europe Sequence envisions a continent crumbling into ever-smaller countries, the idea that his homeland could Brexit the EU had not occurred to him when he started writing Europe in Autumn Read More
Ramez Naam, “Apex” (Angry Robot, 2015)
In the fictional battles between humans and machines, the divide between good and bad is usually clear. Humans, despite their foibles (greed, impulsiveness, and lust for revenge, to name just a few), tend to find redemption, proving mankind’s basic goodness… Read More
Adam Rakunas, “Windswept” (Angry Robot, 2015)
Padma Mehta, the hero of Adam Rakunas’ Philip K. Dick Award-nominated novel Windswept, is part Philip Marlow, part Norma Rae, part Jessica Jones. Theres no question that Mehta needs the skills of a union leader, noirish… Read More
Marguerite Reed, “Archangel” (Arche Press, 2015)
Marguerite Reed‘s Archangel (Arche Press, 2015) introduces a hero not often found at the center of science fiction: a mother, who takes cuddling responsibilities as seriously as she does the fate of her planet. Of course, Vashti Loren plays… Read More
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