BOOKS RECEIVED: Albro, et al., eds., “Anthropologists in the SecurityScape: Ethics, Practice, and Professional Identity” (Left Coast Press, 2011)
As the military and intelligence communities re-tool for the 21st century, the long and contentious debate about the role of social scientists in national security environments is dividing the disciplines with renewed passion. Yet, research shows that most scholars have… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: E. N. Anderson, “Caring for Place: Ecology, Ideology, and Emotion in Traditional Landscape Management” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
How can cultural forms motivate people to care about their environment? While important scientific data about ecosystems is mushrooming, E. N. Anderson argues in this powerful new book that putting effective conservation into practice depends primarily on social solidarity and… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Marilena Alivizatou, “Intangible Heritage and the Museum: New Perspectives on Cultural Preservation” (Left Coast Press, 2012)
In this comparative, international study Marilena Alivizatou investigates the relationship between museums and the new concept of “intangible heritage.” She charts the rise of intangible heritage within the global sphere of UN cultural policy and explores its implications both in… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Abraham, Gullapalli, Raczek and Rizvi, eds., “Connections and Complexity: New Approaches to the Archaeology of South Asia” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
This compilation of original research articles highlight the important cross-regional, cross-chronological, and comparative approaches to political and economic landscapes in ancient South Asia and its neighbors. Focusing on the Indus Valley period and Iron Age India, this volume incorporates new… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Atalay, Clauss, McGuire, and Welch, eds., “Transforming Archaeology: Activist Practices and Prospects” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
Archaeology for whom? The dozen well-known contributors to this innovative volume suggest nothing less than a transformation of the discipline into a service-oriented, community-based endeavor. They wish to replace the primacy of meeting academic demands with meeting the needs and… Read More
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