BOOKS RECEIVED: Layton, Shennon and Stone, “A Future for Archaeology” (Left Coast Press, 2006)
Over the last¬†thirty¬†years issues of culture, identity and meaning have moved out of the academic sphere to become central to politics and society at all levels from the local to the global. Archaeology has been at the forefront… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Walker and Carr, eds., ” Tourism and Archaeology: Sustainable Meeting Grounds” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
The global popularity and lucrative potential of tourism has made sustainability a major concern for archaeologists, site managers, politicians, local communities, tourism officials, and other stakeholders. This book establishes new, interdisciplinary ground for tourism and archaeology that will foster a… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Tony Waldron, “Palaeoepidemiology: The Measure of Disease in the Human Past” (Left Coast Press, 2007)
How do we identify and measure human disease in the past? In the absence of soft tissue, paleoepidemiologists have developed ingenious ways of assessing illness and mortality in archaeological populations. In this volume, the key methods of epidemiology are outlined… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Darby C. Stapp, “Avoiding Archaeological Disasters: Risk Management for Heritage Professionals” (Left Coast Press, 2009)
You think it can’t happen to you, but it can. One day, months into your construction project, your front end load operator runs into bones and wooden slats. Your county coroner says it is not a crime scene, and refers… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Sanz, Fiore, and May, eds., “Archaeologies of Art: Time, Place, and Identity” (Left Coast Press, 2009)
This international volume draws together key research that examines visual arts of the past and contemporary indigenous societies. Placing each art style in its temporal and geographic context, the contributors show how depictions represent social mechanisms of identity construction, and… Read More
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