BOOKS RECEIVED:  Bissera V. Pentcheva, “Hagia Sophia: Sound, Space, and Spirit in Byzantium” (Penn State UP, 2017)
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley Experiencing the resonant acoustics of the church of Hagia Sophia allowed the Byzantine participants in its liturgical rituals to be filled with the Spirit of God, and even to become his image on earth.… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED:  Steven Mailloux, “Rhetoric’s Pragmatism: Essays in Rhetorical Hermeneutics” (Penn State UP, 2017)
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley For over thirty years, Steven Mailloux has championed and advanced the field of rhetorical hermeneutics, a historically and theoretically informed approach to textual interpretation. This volume collects fourteen of his most recent influential essays… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Leslie Topp, “Freedom and the Cage: Modern Architecture and Psychiatry in Central Europe, 1890-1914″ (Penn State UP, 2017) ” (Penn State UP
Spurred by ideals of individual liberty that took hold in the Western world in the late nineteenth century, psychiatrists and public officials sought to reinvent asylums as large-scale, totally designed institutions that offered a level of freedom and normality impossible… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Simone Abram and Gisa Weszkalnys, eds., “Elusive Promises: Planning in the Contemporary World” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
Planning in contemporary democratic states is often understood as a range of activities, from housing to urban design, regional development to economic planning. This volume sees planning differently-as the negotiation of possibilities that time offers space. It explores what kind… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Niall Atkinson, “The Noisy Renaissance: Sound, Architecture, and Florentine Urban Life” (Penn State UP, 2016)
From the strictly regimented church bells to the freewheeling chatter of civic life, Renaissance Florence was a city built not just of stone but of sound as well. An evocative alternative to the dominant visual understanding of urban spaces, The… Read More
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