BOOKS RECEIVED: Pablo Garcia Laoeza and Victoria L. Garrett, eds., “The Improbable Conquest: Sixteenth-Century Letters from the Río de la Plata” (Penn State UP, 2014)
The Improbable Conquest offers translations of a series of little-known letters from the chaotic Spanish conquest of the Río de la Plata region, uncovering a rich and understudied historical resource. These letters were written by a wide variety of individuals,… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Scott Donaldson, “The Impossible Craft: Literary Biography” (Penn State UP, 2015)
In The Impossible Craft, Scott Donaldson explores the rocky territory of literary biography, the most difficult that biographers try to navigate. Writers are accustomed to controlling the narrative, and notoriously opposed to allowing intruders on their turf. They make… Read More
BOOK RECEIVED: Karen Pagani, “Man or Citizen: Anger, Forgiveness, and Authenticity in Rousseau” (Penn State UP, 2015)
The French studies scholar Patrick Coleman made the important observation that over the course of the eighteenth century, the social meanings of anger became increasingly democratized. The work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau is an outstanding example of this change. In Man Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Mary E. Stuckey, “Voting Deliberatively: FDR and the 1936 Presidential Campaign” (Penn State UP, 2015)
The 1932 election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt seemed to hold the promise of Democratic domination for years to come. However, leading up to the 1936 election, persistent economic problems, a controversial domestic agenda, and the perception of a weak foreign… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Karen Martin, “When a Baby Dies of SIDS” (Left Coast Press, 1999)
The cause of the number-one killer of apparently healthy infants between the ages of one week and one Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)continues to defy science. This cruel mystery intensifies an already painful experience for bereaved parents, who frequently blame… Read More
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