BOOKS RECEIVED: Brower and Johnston, eds., “Disappearing Peoples?: Indigenous Groups and Ethnic Minorities in South and Central Asia” (Left Coast Press, 2007)
South and Central Asia is a region of extraordinary cultural and environmental diversity and home to nearly one-quarter of the earth’s population. Among these diverse peoples are some whose ways of life are threatened by the accelerating assault of forces… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: E. N. Anderson, “Caring for Place: Ecology, Ideology, and Emotion in Traditional Landscape Management” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
How can cultural forms motivate people to care about their environment? While important scientific data about ecosystems is mushrooming, E. N. Anderson argues in this powerful new book that putting effective conservation into practice depends primarily on social solidarity and… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Walker and Carr, eds., ” Tourism and Archaeology: Sustainable Meeting Grounds” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
The global popularity and lucrative potential of tourism has made sustainability a major concern for archaeologists, site managers, politicians, local communities, tourism officials, and other stakeholders. This book establishes new, interdisciplinary ground for tourism and archaeology that will foster a… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Heidi C. M. Scott, “Chaos and Cosmos: Literary Roots of Modern Ecology in the British Nineteenth Century” (Penn State UP, 2014)
In Chaos and Cosmos, Heidi Scott integrates literary readings with contemporary ecological methods to investigate two essential and contrasting paradigms of nature that scientific ecology continues to debate: chaos and balance. Ecological literature of the Romantic and Victorian eras… Read More
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