BOOKS RECEIVED: Manuel Braganca and Peter Tame, eds., “The Long Aftermath: Cultural Legacies of Europe at War, 1936-2016” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley In its totality, the “Long Second World War”-extending from the beginning of the Spanish Civil War to the end of hostilities in 1945-has exerted enormous influence over European culture. Bringing together leading historians, sociologists,… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Stephen Gudeman and Chris Hann, eds., “Oikos and Market: Oikos and Market” Berghahn Books, 2018.
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley Self-sufficiency of the house is practiced in many parts of the world but ignored in economic theory, just as socialist collectivization is assumed to have brought household self-sufficiency to an end. The ideals of… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Andrea Minuz, “Political Fellini: Journey to the End of Italy” (Berghahn Books, 2018)
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley Federico Fellini is often considered a disengaged filmmaker, interested in self-referential dreams and grotesquerie rather than contemporary politics. This book challenges that myth by examining the filmmaker’s reception in Italy, and by exploring his… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED:  Micol Brazzabeni,  Manuela Ivone Cunha and Martin Fotta, eds., “Gypsy Economy: Romani Livelihoods and Notions of Worth in the 21st Century”  (Berghahn Books, 2018)
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley Economic arrangements of Romanies are complexly related to their social position. The authors of this volume explore these complexities, including how economic exchanges forge key social relationships of gender and ethnicity, how economic opportunities… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Eva Keller, “Beyond the Lens of Conservation: Malagasy and Swiss Imaginations of One Another” (Berghahn Books, 2017)
Buy from NBN/University Press Books, Berkeley The global agenda of Nature conservation has led to the creation of the Masoala National Park in Madagascar and to an exhibit in its support at a Swiss zoo, the centerpiece of which is… Read More
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