BOOKS RECEIVED: Egbert Klautke, “The Mind of the Nation: Volkerpsychologie in Germany, 1851-1955” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
Volkerpsychologie played an important role in establishing the social sciences via the works of such scholars as Georg Simmel, Emile Durkheim, Ernest Renan, Franz Boas, and Werner Sombart. In Germany, the intellectual history of “folk psychology” was represented by Moritz… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Timothy S. Brown, “Weimar Radicals: Nazis and Communists between Authenticity and Performance” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
Exploring the gray zone of infiltration and subversion in which the Nazi and Communist parties sought to influence and undermine each other, this book offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between two defining ideologies of the twentieth century. The… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Mischa Honeck, Martin Klimke and Anne Kuhlmann, eds., “Germany and the Black Diaspora: Points of Contact, 1250-1914” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
The rich history of encounters prior to World War I between people from German-speaking parts of Europe and people of African descent has gone largely unnoticed in the historical literature-not least because Germany became a nation and engaged in colonization… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Alan H. Simmons, “Stone Age Sailors: Paleolithic Seafaring in the Mediterranean” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
Over the past decade, evidence has been mounting that our ancestors developed skills to sail across large bodies of water early in prehistory. In this fascinating volume, Alan Simmons summarizes and synthesizes the evidence for prehistoric seafaring and island habitation… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Cordula Grewe, “The Nazarenes: Romantic Avant-Garde and the Art of the Concept” (Penn State UP, 2015)
In The Nazarenes, Cordula Grewe presents a timely revisionist account of the Nazarenes, a group of early nineteenth-century German artists who have been occasionally reviled, but more often ignored, in the history of modern art. Viewing critically the effects… Read More
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