BOOKS RECEIVED: Schofield and Cocroft, eds., “A Fearsome Heritage: Diverse Legacies of the Cold War ” (Left Coast Press, 2009)
From massive nuclear test sites to the more subtle material realities of everyday life, the influence of the Cold War on modern culture has been profound and global. Fearsome Legacies unites innovative work on the interpretation and management of Cold… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED:  Courtney Marie Dowdall and Ryan J Klotz, “Pesticides and Global Health: Understanding Agrochemical Dependence and Investing in Sustainable Solutions” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
This concise, accessible introduction to understanding agricultural chemicals and public health combines a broad synthesis on a global scale with rich ethnographic narratives on a human scale. Drawing on epidemiology, policy analysis, and social science research on the global commodity… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Hubbard and Verstraete, eds.,”Censoring Sex Research: The Debate over Male Intergenerational Relations”  (Left Coast Press, 2013)
This volume sheds light on one of the most explosive episodes of censure of academic scholarship in recent decades. Bruce Rind, a former psychology professor at Temple University, investigated sexual relations between male adults and adolescents through history and across… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: McManamon,  Stout and Barnes, eds., “Managing Archaeological Resources: Global Context, National Programs, Local Actions” (Left Coast Press, 2010)
In a snapshot of 21st century archaeological resource management as a global enterprise, these 25 contributors show the range of activities, issues, and solutions undertaken by contemporary managers of heritage sites around the world. They show how the linkages between… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Juliet McMullin, “The Healthy Ancestor: Embodied Inequality and the Revitalization of Native Hawai’ian Health” (Left Coast Press, 2010)
Native Americans, researchers increasingly worry, are disproportionately victims of epidemics and poor health because they fail to seek medical care, are non-compliant patients, or lack immunity enjoyed by the mainstream population. Challenging this dominant approach to indigenous health, Juliet McMullin… Read More
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