BOOKS RECEIVED:  Vaccaro and Beltran, eds., “Social and Ecological History of the Pyrenees: State, Market, and Landscape” (Left Coast Press, 2010)
This major work of historical ecology advances the integration of research on environmental and social systems, contributing important lessons for contemporary natural resource policy and management. A diverse, international region, the Pyrenees has been characterized as a quintessential example of… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Aimee L. Taberner, “Cultural Property Acquisitions: Navigating the Shifting Landscape” (Left Coast Press, 2011)
Museum staff–whether new to the field or working with collections for decades–are often overwhelmed by the complexities of acquiring cultural property, particularly antiquities and archaeological material. Collecting practices now require a greater degree of transparency and cooperation with various stakeholders… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Dean Sully, ed., “Decolonizing Conservation: Caring for Maori Meeting Houses outside New Zealand” (Left Coast Press, 2008)
This book argues for an important shift in cultural heritage conservation, away from a focus on maintaining the physical fabric of material culture toward the impact that conservation work has on people’s lives. In doing so, it challenges the commodification… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Strauss, Rupp and Love, eds., “Cultures of Energy: Power, Practices, Technologies” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
This path-breaking volume explores cultures of energy, the underlying but under-appreciated dimensions of both crisis and innovation in resource use around the globe. Theoretical chapters situate pressing energy issues in larger conceptual frames, and ethnographic case studies reveal energy as… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Peter Van Arsdale and Derrin Smith, “Humanitarians in Hostile Territory: Expeditionary Diplomacy and Aid Outside the Green Zone” (Left Coast Press, 2010)
More than ever, humanitarian aid workers and diplomats are engaging with vulnerable populations in areas once considered too dangerous to touch. Drawing on decades of on-the-ground experience in conflict environments around the world, Van Arsdale and Smith offer this important… Read More
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