BOOKS RECEIVED: Rob Sands, “Prehistoric Woodworking: The Analysis and Interpretation of Bronze and Iron Age Toolmakers” (Left Coast Press, 2009)
Rob Sands explores the evidence left by the use of axes on wooden beams and tools found in waterlogged archaeological sites dating over 2000 years old. A toolmark can not only inform the archaeologist about the implement used, but also… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Sharon R. Steadman, “Archaeology of Domestic Architecture and the Human Use of Space” (Left Coast Press, 2015)
This volume is the first text to focus specifically on the archaeology of domestic architecture. Covering major theoretical and methodological developments over recent decades in areas like social institutions, settlement types, gender, status, and power, this book addresses the developing… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Teresa Bergman, “Exhibiting Patriotism: Creating and Contesting Interpretations of American Historic Sites” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
American nationalism, patriotism and citizenship are proudly on display at historical sites across America―but they are also contested and reshaped by visitors and their engagement with those places. In Exhibiting Patriotism, Bergman analyzes exhibits, interpretive materials, and orientation films at… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Leslie Bedford, “The Art of Museum Exhibitions: How Story and Imagination Create Aesthetic Experiences” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
Leslie Bedford, former director of the highly regarded Bank Street College museum leadership program, expands the museum professional’s vision of exhibitions beyond the simple goal of transmitting knowledge to the visitor. Her view of exhibitions as interactive, emotional, embodied, imaginative… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Thomas C Patterson, “From Acorns to Warehouses: Historical Political Economy of Southern California’s Inland Empire” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
Thomas C. Patterson’s large-scale history of the Inland Empire of Southern California traces the social, political and economic changes in this region from the first Native American settlement 12,000 years ago to the present. Framing his discussion of this region… Read More
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