BOOKS RECEIVED: Carmel Schrire, ed., “Historical Archaeology in South Africa: Material Culture of the Dutch East India Company at the Cape” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
This volume documents the analysis of excavated historical archaeological collections at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. The corpus provides a rich picture of life and times at this distant outpost of an immense Dutch seaborne empire during the… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Michael P. Heilen, ed., “Uncovering Identity in Mortuary Analysis: Community-Sensitive Methods for Identifying Group Affiliation in Historical Cemeteries” (Left Coast Press, 2012)
This volume presents a sophisticated set of archival, forensic, and excavation methods to identify both individuals and group affiliations―cultural, religious, and organizational―in a multiethnic historical cemetery. Based on an extensive excavation project of more than 1,000 nineteenth-century burials in downtown… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Lovata and Olton, eds., “Understanding Graffiti: “Multidisciplinary Studies from Prehistory to the Present” (Left Coast Press, 2015)
This collection of original articles brings together for the first time the research on graffiti from a wide range of geographical and chronological contexts and shows how they are interpreted in various fields. Examples range as widely as medieval European… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Ucko and Champion, eds., The Wisdom of Egypt: Changing Visions Through the Ages” (Left Coast Press, 2003)”
The Wisdom of Egypt examines the sources of evidence about Ancient Egypt available to scholars, and the changing visions of Egypt and of Egypt’s role in human history that they produced. Its scope extends from the Classical world, through Europe… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED:  Blundell, Chippindale, and Smith, eds., “Seeing and Knowing: Understanding Rock Art with and without Ethnography” (Left Coast Press, 2011)
The purpose of Seeing and Knowing is to demonstrate the depth and wide geographical impact of David Lewis-Williams’ contribution to rock art research by emphasizing theory and methodology drawn from ethnography. Contributors explore what it means to understand and learn… Read More
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