BOOKS RECEIVED: Mari Lee Mifsud, “Rhetoric and the Gift: Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Contemporary Communication” (Duquesne UP, 2015)
Rhetoric and the Gift, taking as its starting point the Homeric idea of the gift and Aristotles related rhetorical theory, explores rhetoric not only at the level of the artful response but at the level of the call and response.… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Daniel D. Miller, “The Myth of Normative Secularism: Religion and Politics in the Democratic Homeworld” (Duquesne UP, 2016)
Modern political thought at least in the West has long presupposed that religion and politics constitute two distinct spheres with clearly demarcated boundaries. However, recent political developments, such as the rise of global Islamism and the American religious Right, have… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Alexander Riley, W. S. F. Pickering, and William Watts Miller, eds., “Durkheim, the Durkheimians, and the Arts” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
Using a broad definition of the Durkheimian tradition, this book offers the first systematic attempt to explore the Durkheimians’ engagement with art. It focuses on both Durkheim and his contemporaries as well as later thinkers influenced by his work. The… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Erling Sivertsen and Rolf Werenskjold, eds., “Media and Revolt: Strategies and Performances From the 1960s to the Present” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
In what ways have social movements attracted the attention of the mass media since the sixties? How have activists influenced public attention via visual symbols, images, and protest performances in that period? And how do mass media cover and frame… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Samuel Kalman and Sean Kennedy, eds., “The French Right Between the Wars: Political and Intellectual Movements from Conservatism to Fascism” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
During the interwar years France experienced severe political polarization. At the time many observers, particularly on the left, feared that the French right had embraced fascism, generating a fierce debate that has engaged scholars for decades, but has also obscured… Read More
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