BOOKS RECEIVED: Danila Sokolov,”Renaissance Texts Medieval Subjectivities: Rethinking Petrarchan Desire from Wyatt to Shakespeare” (Duquesne UP, 2017)
Buy from University Press Books In a major contribution to the burgeoning area of study that crosses between early modern texts and premodern cultures, Danila Sokolov argues for the necessity of reading the work of English Petrarchan writers in light… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Mari Lee Mifsud, “Rhetoric and the Gift: Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Contemporary Communication” (Duquesne UP, 2015)
Rhetoric and the Gift, taking as its starting point the Homeric idea of the gift and Aristotles related rhetorical theory, explores rhetoric not only at the level of the artful response but at the level of the call and response.… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Dwight W. Reed, “How Culture Makes Us Human: Primate Social Evolution and the Formation of Human Societies” (Left Coast Press, 2011)
What separates modern humans from our primate cousins―are we a mere blink in the march of evolution, or does human culture represent the definitive evolutionary turn? Dwight Read explores the dilemma in this engaging, thought-provoking book, taking readers through an… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Jones, Adams and Ellis, eds., “Handbook of Autoethnography” (Left Coast Press, 2015)
In this definitive reference volume, almost fifty leading thinkers and practitioners of autoethnographic research―from four continents and a dozen disciplines―comprehensively cover its vision, opportunities and challenges. Chapters address the theory, history, and ethics of autoethnographic practice, representational and writing issues,… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Arthur Asa Berger, “Messages: An Introduction to Communication” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
This brief introductory textbook to the field of communication offers the advantages of Arthur Asa Berger’s informal writing style and flair for popular culture examples aimed to engage students. Designed for the basic course in communication departments, Berger introduces the… Read More
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