BOOKS RECEIVED: Frederic Laugrand and Jarich Oosten, “Hunters, Predators and Prey: Inuit Perceptions of Animals” (Berghahn Books, 2016)
Inuit hunting traditions are rich in perceptions, practices and stories relating to animals and human beings. The authors examine key figures such as the raven, an animal that has a central place in Inuit culture as a creator and a… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Pierre Lemonnier, “Mundane Objects: Materiality and Non-verbal Communication” (Left Coast Press, 2013)
This concise book shows the importance of objects that are considered ordinary by cultural outsiders and scholars, yet lie at the heart of the systems of thought and practices of their makers and users. This volume demonstrates the role of… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Patricia E. Rubertone, ed., “Archaeologies of Placemaking: Monuments, Memories, and Engagement in Native North America” Left Coast Press, 2009)
This collection of original essays explores the tensions between prevailing regional and national versions of Indigenous pasts created, reified, and disseminated through monuments, and Indigenous peoples memories and experiences of place. The contributors ask critical questions about historic preservation and… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Linda S Cordell and Maxine McBrinn, “Archaeology of the Southwest,” 3rd. ed. (Left Coast Press, 2012)
The long-awaited third edition of this well-known textbook continues to be the go-to text and reference for anyone interested in Southwest archaeology. It provides a comprehensive summary of the major themes and topics central to modern interpretation and practice. More… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Marcel Kornfeld,  George C Frison, and Mary Lou Larson, “Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of the High Plains and Rockies,” 3rd. ed. (Left Coast Press, 2010)
George Frisons Prehistoric Hunters of the High Plains has been the standard text on plains prehistory since its first publication in 1978, influencing generations of archaeologists. Now, a third edition of this classic work is available for scholars, students, and… Read More
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