BOOKS RECEIVED: Danila Sokolov,”Renaissance Texts Medieval Subjectivities: Rethinking Petrarchan Desire from Wyatt to Shakespeare” (Duquesne UP, 2017)
Buy from University Press Books In a major contribution to the burgeoning area of study that crosses between early modern texts and premodern cultures, Danila Sokolov argues for the necessity of reading the work of English Petrarchan writers in light… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Eric Severson, Brian Becker, and David M. Goodman, eds., “In the Wake of Trauma: Psychology and Philosophy for the Suffering Other” (Duquesne UP, 2016)
When traumatic experiences occur, our patterns of livingthe ways in which our bodies and minds have grown accustomed to feeling and reactingare threatened. When psychologists, philosophers, or theologians turn their attention to trauma, they face a daunting task, as trauma… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: G.L. Ercolini, “Kant’s Philosophy of Communication” (Duquesne UP, 2016)
One might assume that another study of Immanuel Kant, one of the most prominent philosophers in the history of Western thought, is either presumptuous or unnecessary. But in this highly original work, G. L. Ercolini engages in a new and… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Kevin C. Krycka, George Kunz and George Sayre, eds., “Psychotherapy for the Other: Levinas and the Face-to-Face Relationship” (Duquesne UP, 2015)
When George Kunz, a coeditor of the present volume, visited with Emmanuel Levinas in 1987, Levinas asked, Why would a psychologist be interested in my philosophy?Psychotherapy for the Other represents the latest and one of the most innovative and in-depth… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Anthony M. Wachs, “The New Science of Communication: Reconsidering McLuhan’s Message for Our Modern Moment” (Duquesne UP, 2015)
The medium is the message, and we now live in a global village much of Marshall McLuhans significant contributions to communication theory has been reduced to these well-known aphorisms. And while these catchphrases do indeed capture certain aspects of his… Read More
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