BOOKS RECEIVED: George E. Hein, “Progressive Museum Practice: John Dewey and Democracy” (Left Coast Press, 2012)
Preeminent museum education theorist George E. Hein explores the work, philosophy, and impact of educational reformer John Dewey and his importance for museums. Hein traces current practice in museum education to Dewey’s early 20th-century ideas about education, democracy, and progress… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Vera Cain and Judy Mill, “Essentials of Community-based Research” (Left Coast Press, 2016)
Community-based research (CBR) is the most commonly used method for serving community needs and effecting change through authentic, ethical, and meaningful social research. In this brief introduction to CBR, the real-world approach of noted experts Vera Caine and Judy Mill… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Immy Holloway and Lorraine Brown, “Essentials of a Qualitative Doctorate” (Left Coast Press, 2012)
Have you been working toward a qualitative doctorate without a guide? Immy Holloway and Lorraine Brown are here to help. Breaking down the process step by step, this book gives essential advice on navigating the whole program. You’ll first get… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Peter J. Brown and Svea Closser, eds., “Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology,” 3rd ed., (Left Coast Press, 2016)
The editors of the third edition of the seminal textbook Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology bring it completely up to date for both instructors and students. The collection of 49 readings (17 of them new to this edition) offers extensive… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED:  Aaron M Kuntz, “The Responsible Methodologist: Inquiry, Truth-Telling, and Social Justice” (Left Coast Press, 2015)
What does it mean to be a responsible methodologist? Certainly it is more than being a research middle-manager who ensures that the tools used in a thesis or dissertation are of the right gauge. In The Responsible Methodologist, leading education… Read More
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