BOOKS RECEIVED: Nicola Bulled, “Prescribing HIV Prevention: Bringing Culture into Global Health Communication” (Left Coast Press, 2014)
Critical health communication scholars point out that the acceptance of HIV risk prevention methods are bound inside inequitable structures of power and knowledge. Nicola Bulled’s in-depth ethnographic account of how these messages are selected, transmitted and reacted to by young… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED:  Tomaselli and Scott, eds., “Cultural Icons” (Left Coast Press, 2009)
The Eiffel Tower: this symbol of industrial development and the French Republic is now associated with a romantic vacation in Paris. Nelson Mandela: the hero of the struggle against apartheid was featured in a British Airways magazine article called “The… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Martin Tolich, “Qualitative Ethics in Practice” (Left Coast Press, 2016)
Neither ethics committees nor qualitative researchers can predict the types of ethical dilemmas that will happen in the field, only that they will routinely occur. In Qualitative Ethics in Practice, a team of fifteen top researchers from various disciplines… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: James Staples, “Livelihoods at the Margins: Surviving the City” (Left Coast Press, 2007)
Sex workers, street hawkers, drug sellers, cleaners – they are people living on the margins of urban life who are ubiquitous but widely misunderstood and notably absent from mainstream economic analyses. In Livelihood on the Margins, anthropologists and practitioners engaged… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Clarke,  Friese, and Washburn, eds., “Situational Analysis in Practice: Mapping Research with Grounded Theory” (Left Coast Press, 2015)
Situational Analysis creates analytic maps of social processes and relationships identified using grounded theory. Creator of the method, award-winning sociologist Adele E. Clarke and two co-editors show how the method can be, and has been, used in a variety of… Read More
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