BOOKS RECEIVED: Lenore Manderson, “Surface Tensions: Surgery, Bodily Boundaries, and the Social Self” (Left Coast Press, 2011)
Surface Tensions is an expansive, yet intimate study of how people remake themselves after catastrophic bodily change―the loss of limbs, the loss of function, the loss or replacement of organs. Against a sweeping cultural backdrop of art, popular culture, and… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Cara Judea Alhadeff, “Viscous Expectations: Justice, Vulnerability, the Ob-scene” (Penn State UP, 2014)
Orchestrating text and color photography through the lens of vulnerability, Cara Judea Alhadeff explores embodied democracy as the intersection of technology, aesthetics, eroticism, and ethnicity. She demonstrates the potential for social resistance and a rhizomatic reconceptualization of community rooted in… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Andrew Casper, “Art and the Religious Image in El Greco’s Italy” (Penn State UP, 2014)


Books Received March 15, 2016

Art and the Religious Image in El Greco’s Italy is the first book-length examination of the early career of one of the early modern period’s most notoriously misunderstood figures. Born around 1541, Domenikos Theotokopoulos began his career as an icon… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Leslie Stainton, “Staging Ground: An American Theater and its Ghosts” (Penn State UP, 2014)
In this poignant and personal history of one of America’s oldest theaters, Leslie Stainton captures the story not just of an extraordinary building but of a nation’s tumultuous struggle to invent itself. Built in 1852 and in use ever since,… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Tracy Adams, “Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France” (Penn State UP, 2014)
In Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France, Tracy Adams offers a reevaluation of Christine de Pizan’s literary engagement with contemporary politics. Adams locates Christine’s works within a detailed narrative of the complex history of the dispute between… Read More
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