Garrison Nelson, “John William McCormack: A Political Biography” (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)
John William McCormack served as Speaker of the House of Representatives throughout most of the 1960s, during which time he shepherded the legislation of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program through the chamber. As Garrison Nelson demonstrates in John William McCormack: Read More
Travis Linnemann, “Meth Wars: Police, Media, Power” (NYU Press, 2016)
If all you knew about methamphetamines came from popular culture (“Breaking Bad”) or government anti-drug campaigns (“Faces of Meth”), then you’d probably think that the typical meth user was a unemployed, rail thin degenerate with bad acne, no teeth and… Read More
Nancy Wang Yuen, “Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism” (Rutgers UP, 2017)
How can we challenge the way film and television represents the world around us? In Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism (Rutgers University Press, 2017) Nancy Wan Yuen, and Associate Professor of Sociology at Biola University, offers a… Read More
Molly Worthen, “Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism” (Oxford UP, 2014)
Beginning with a network of reformed figures that orbited around Billy Graham, from J. Howard Pew’s money to Carl Henry’s passion for cultural esteem, Molly Worthen’s Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism (Oxford University Press, 2014)… Read More
Stephen F. Knott and Tony Williams, “Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance that Forged America” (Sourcebooks, 2015)
In Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance that Forged America (Sourcebooks, 2015), authors Stephen F. Knott and Tony Williams explore the relationship between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton over the course of three distinct periods where their personal and philosophical collaboration… Read More
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