Drew Maciag, “Edmund Burke in America: The Contested Career of the Father of Modern Conservatism” (Cornell UP, 2013)
Drew Maciag, author of Edmund Burke in America: The Contested Career of the Father of Modern Conservatism (Cornell University Press, 2013)┬áspoke with Ray Haberski about the intellectual challenges Burke raised in a time of democratic revolutions and the… Read More
Amanda MacKenzie Stuart, “Empress of Fashion: Diana Vreeland, A Life”
The title says it all: Diana Vreeland was, in fact, that Empress of Fashion, reigning over Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute for half a century. As a result, her life story stretches… Read More
Colin Gordon, “Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality” (Institute for Policy Studies, 2013)
Americans seem to be more concerned about economic inequality today than they have been in living memory. The Occupy Movement (“We are the 99%”) is only the most visible sign of this growing unease. But what are the dimensions of… Read More
Greg Kot, “Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music” (Scribner, 2009)
At the dawn of the twenty first century, the music business looked forward to its sixth decade of monopolistic dominance of the sale and manufacture of recorded music. An industry that once had dozens of labels competing for consumer dollars… Read More
Keith Clark, “The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry” (Louisiana State UP, 2013)
What do you do if you accompany a friend on her research trip to Boston University’s Gotlieb Archival Research Center and end up finding a treasure trove of letters, news articles, hand written notes, and original drafts of nonfiction by… Read More
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