Kevin J. Dougherty and Vikash Reddy, “Performance Funding for Higher Education” (Jossey-Bass, 2013)
Kevin Dougherty and Vikash Reddy are the authors of Performance Funding for Higher Education: What Are the Mechanisms What Are the Impacts (Jossey-Bass, 2013). Dr. Dougherty is Associate Professor of Higher Education and Education Policy at Teachers College-Columbia University and… Read More
Benjamin A. Elman, “Civil Examinations and Meritocracy in Late Imperial China” (Harvard UP, 2013)
Benjamin A. Elman‘s new book explores the civil examination process and the history of state exam curricula in late imperial China. Civil Examinations and Meritocracy in Late Imperial China (Harvard UP, 2013) is organized into three major sections that… Read More
Karen G. Weiss, “Party School: Crime, Campus, and Community” (Northeastern UP, 2013)
In this episode, I sit down with Karen G. Weiss, associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at West Virginia University, to talk about her book, Party School: Crime, Campus, and Community (Northeastern University Press, 2013). We… Read More
Nicholas Hartlep, “The Model Minority Stereotype: Demystifying Asian American Success” (Information Age, 2013)
Nicholas Hartlep is the author of The Model Minority Stereotype: Demystifying Asian American Success (Information Age, 2013). Dr. Hartlep is an Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations at Illinois State University Dr. Hartlep’s book, The Model Minority Stereotype, is a… Read More
Jeff Bowersox, “Raising Germans in the Age of Empire: Youth and Colonial Culture, 1871-1914” (Oxford UP, 2013)
Germany embarked on the age of imperialism a bit later than other global powers, and the German experience of empire was much shorter-lived than that of Britain or France or Portugal. Nonetheless, empire was fundamental, Jeff Bowersox argues, to Germans’… Read More
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