Kinneret Lahad, “A Table for One: A Critical Reading of Singlehood, Gender and Time” (Manchester UP, 2017)
Why are you still single? This question is often asked of single women, especially those who are deemed by loved ones or friends to be too old to be single. In her newest book, A Table for One: A Critical Read More
Carolyn Sufrin, “Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women behind Bars” (U. Cal Press, 2017)
In 1976, the landmark supreme court case Estelle v. Gamble, established that under the Eighth Amendment “deliberate indifference” to the health needs of incarcerated individuals was tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment. Now, jails and prisons are one of the… Read More
Roderic Broadhurst, “Violence and the Civilising Process in Cambodia” (Cambridge UP, 2015)
The work of sociologist Norbert Elias has had a renaissance in recent times, with Steven Pinker, among others, using it to argue that interpersonal violence has declined globally as states have expanded and subdued restless populations. In Violence and the Read More
Pasquale Tridico, “Inequality in Financial Capitalism” (Routledge, 2017)
I was joined by Pasquale Tridico, Professor of Political Economy at Roma Tre University in Italy. His latest book, Inequality in Financial Capitalism, was published by Routledge in 2017. The issue of inequality has regained attention in the… Read More
Mindy Fried, “Caring for Red: A Daughter’s Memoir” (Vanderbilt UP, 2016)
In her new book, Caring for Red: A Daughter’s Memoir (Vanderbilt University Press, 2016), Mindy Fried shares her experiences with providing care for her father at the end of his life. With rich stories and memories of… Read More
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