David C. Mitchell, “Messiah ben Joseph” (Campbell Publications, 2016)
Messiah ben Joseph, the slain Galilean messiah, is the most enigmatic figure in Rabbinic Judaism. David C. Mitchell‘s Messiah ben Joseph (Campbell Publications, 2016) proposes that this messiah is not a rabbinic invention at all, however, and convincingly details Messiah ben Joseph’s emergence as early as the Pentateuch. Join us... Read More
John Fea, “The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society” (Oxford UP, 2017)
I own many Bibles, but curiously, I didn’t purchase any of them. They were all given to me, almost all by Protestant Christians. And, considering the history of Protestant Christianity, that impulse to freely offer “God’s word” makes a lot of sense. John Fea takes up the institutionalized giving of... Read More
Hanna Tervanotko, “Denying Her Voice: The Figure of Miriam in Ancient Jewish Literature” (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2016)
In Denying Her Voice: The Figure of Miriam in Ancient Jewish Literature (Vandenhock and Ruprecht, 2016) Hanna Tervanotko first analyzes the treatment and development of Miriam as a literary character in ancient Jewish texts, taking into account all the references to this figure preserved in ancient Jewish literature from the... Read More
Daniel Dreisbach, “Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers” (Oxford UP, 2016)
No book was more accessible or familiar to the American founders than the Bible, and no book was more frequently alluded to or quoted from in the political discourse of the age. How and for what purposes did the founding generation use the Bible? How did the Bible influence their... Read More
Benjamin J. Ribbens, “Levitical Sacrifice and Heavenly Cult in Hebrews” (De Gruyter, 2016)
Were the sacrifices of the Old Testament effectual? The book of Hebrews offers a critique of the Levitical cult and the sacrifices of the old covenant, even while explaining Christ’s new covenant sacrifice by comparison to them. Yet, if the Levitical sacrifices were ineffectual, then why use them as a... Read More
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