James K. Lee, “Augustine and the Mystery of the Church” (Fortress Press, 2017)
When teaching the first half of world history, I always do a little section on Augustine. My focus is on how he was an important theologian who shaped Christian understandings of war and even influenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,… Read More
Benjamin Brown, “The Haredim: A Guide to Their Beliefs and Sectors” (Am-Oved, 2017)
In The Haredim: A Guide to their Beliefs and Sectors (Am-Oved and the IDI, 2017, in Hebrew), Benjamin Brown, a professor of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University, offers a mapping of the various sects that compose Jewish Israeli… Read More
Reina Lewis, “Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures” (Duke UP, 2015)
Fashion is often dismissed as trivial, but Reina Lewis‘s Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures (Duke University Press, 2015) takes both it and what Muslims specifically wear and devotes and 300+ eye-opening pages to it. Defining it… Read More
Finbarr Curtis, “The Production of American Religious Freedom” (NYU Press, 2016)
There is no such thing as religious freedom, or at least just one understanding of what that means. That’s the crux of the argument in Finbarr Curtis’ (Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University), The Production of American Religious Freedom (… Read More
Kristian Petersen, “Interpreting Islam in China: Pilgrimage, Language, and Scripture in the Han Kitab” (Oxford UP, 2017)
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