Salah Hatem and Jaafar Jotheri

Jan 2, 2023

Iraqi Bedouin and Intangible Cultural Heritage

An interview with Salah Hatem and Jaafar Jotheri

New Books Network 2022

A conversation with Dr. Salah Hatem and Dr. Jaafar Jotheri, professors of archaeology at al-Qadisiyah University, about their research project documenting the intangible cultural heritage of the Bedouin in southern Iraq.

This episode covers topics ranging from the lifestyle of the Iraqi Bedouin to their indigenous knowledge (how to find water in the desert; plants that can be used as medicine) to how cultural heritage can be a tool for social change.

Their research project is funded by the Nahrein Network at University College London, which has as its mission to foster the sustainable development of antiquity, cultural heritage, and the humanities in Iraq. Learn more about the Nahrein network here.

Music in this episode: Desert City by Kevin MacLeod. License.

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