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Daniel Hummel

Apr 25, 2022

On Evangelical Christian Nationalism in the Cold War

A Discussion with Daniel Hummel

New Books Network 2022

The topic of this episode focuses on Dr. Daniel Hummel's piece, “The Limits of Evangelical Christian Nationalism during the Cold War,” which appears in the new book North American Churches and the Cold War, out now on Eerdsman Publishing.

Dr. Daniel Hummel is a scholar, writer, researcher, and teacher of religion, politics, and foreign policy in the United States and the modern Middle East. Dr. Hummel is a specialist in the concept of Christian Zionism and has a forthcoming book from the University of Pennsylvania Press entitled, A Covenant of the Mind: Evangelicals, Israel, and the Construction of a Special Relationship. Dr. Hummel is also a contributor to the Washington Post in middle east current events.

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