Assaph Mehr

May 19, 2017

Murder in Absentia

A Story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic

Purple Toga Publications 2015

purchase at Assaph Mehr's Murder in Absentia: A Story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic (Purple Toga Publications, 2015) is Egretia, a town in a fantasy world modeled on the Roman Empire, and the occasion is the crime of murder. Felix the Fox, our narrator, is a detective with some extra talents. Not only is he good at winkling out information, watching people and drawing conclusions, but he's also familiar with magic--both the kind thats allowed in his homeland, and the more dangerous, forbidden kind. Magic can be dangerous. Felix's former best friend, now an uncanny beggar with frightening eyes, was a talented sorcerer, before things went wrong. When Felix investigates a secret ring of sorcerers that he suspects are responsible for the horrific death of a rich mans son, he is forced to rely on his old friend, as well as a network of associates, his loyal servant, and an alluring damsel or two.

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