Sten Widmalm

Dec 13, 2021

Autocratization in South Asia

New Books Network 2021

Although autocratic forms of rule have a longer history in postcolonial South Asia, the slide towards autocratization has arguably accelerated in recent years, albeit unevenly. In this episode Kenneth Bo Nielsen is joined by Sten Widmalm to discuss his new edited book, The Routledge Handbook of Autocratization in South Asia. Widmalm offers a comprehensive analysis of the processes and actors contributing to this, as well as issues of state power, the support for political parties, the role of civil society, questions of equality and political culture, and more.

This innovative handbook spanning 400 pages is the first to describe and to explain ongoing trends of autocratization in South Asia, demonstrating that drivers of political change also work across boundaries. It will be published on 31 December, 2021, and can be downloaded for free in its entirety here.

Sten Widmalm is professor of political science at Uppsala University and a leading Nordic scholar of Indian democracy and politics.

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