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Marco Puleri, “Ukrainian, Russophone, (Other) Russian: Hybrid Identities and Narratives in Post-Soviet Culture and Politics” (Peter Lang, 2020)
Marco Puleri’s Ukrainian, Russophone, (Other) Russian: Hybrid Identities and Narratives in Post-Soviet Culture and Politics (Peter Lang, 2020) examines a complex process of identity formation in the context of exposure to a diversity of linguistic and cultural influences. Puleri zeroes in on contemporary Ukraine to explore the specificities of cultural... Read More
João Costa Vargas, “The Denial of Antiblackness: Multiracial Redemption and Black Suffering” (U of Minnesota Press, 2018)
An incisive new look at the black diaspora, examining the true roots of antiblackness and its destructive effects on all of society. Thanks to movements like Black Lives Matter, Western society’s chronic discrimination against black individuals has become front-page news. Yet, there is little awareness of the systemic factors that... Read More
Ellyn Lem, “Gray Matters: Finding Meaning in the Stories of Later Life” (Rutgers UP, 2020)
As Baby Boomers reach the tipping point of aging into later life, the record numbers of seniors int the 65 and over crowd generates greater interest and in aging and its representation. Gray Matters: Finding Meaning in the Stories of Later Life (Rutgers University Press) draws upon diverse cultural representation... Read More
Adam Rutherford, “How to Argue With a Racist” (The Experiment, 2020)
Racist pseudoscience has become so commonplace that it can be hard to spot. But its toxic effects on society are plain to see—feeding nationalism, fueling hatred, endangering lives, and corroding our discourse on everything from sports to intelligence. Even well-intentioned people repeat stereotypes based on “science,” because cutting-edge genetics is... Read More
William G. Pooley, “Body and Tradition in 19th-Century France: Félix Arnaudin and the Moorlands of Gascony, 1870-1914” (Oxford UP, 2019)
The moorlands of Gascony are often considered one of the most dramatic examples of top-down rural modernization in nineteenth-century Europe. From an area of open moors, they were transformed in one generation into the largest man-made forest in Europe. Body and Tradition in Nineteenth-Century France: Félix Arnaudin and the Moorlands... Read More
Kareem Khubchandani, “Ishtyle: Accenting Gay Indian Nightlife” (Michigan UP, 2020)
Ishtyle: Accenting Gay Indian Nightlife (University of Michigan Press, 2020) follows queer South Asian men across borders into gay neighborhoods, nightclubs, bars, and house parties in Bangalore and Chicago. Bringing the cultural practices they are most familiar with into these spaces, these men accent the aesthetics of nightlife cultures through... Read More
F. Henry and D. Plaza, “Carnival Is Woman: Feminism and Performance in Caribbean Mas” (UP of Mississippi, 2019)
Through a feminist perspective, Carnival Is Woman: Feminism and Performance in Caribbean Mas (University Press of Mississippi, 2019) examines the presence of women in contemporary Carnival by demonstrating not only their strength in numbers, but also the ways in which they participate in the festivities. Exploring different themes, the authors... Read More
Amelia Moore, “Destination Anthropocene: Science and Tourism in The Bahamas” (U California Press, 2019)
Despite being a minor contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, like many other small island nations, The Bahamas’s ecology and society are especially vulnerable to current and expected changes to the oceans and the climate. Spectacular coral reefs, low-lying islands, and a social life oriented towards the sea makes The... Read More
C. Besteman and H. Gusterson, “Life by Algorithms: How Roboprocesses Are Remaking Our World” (U Chicago Press, 2019)
How can we understand computerization as a social process? Life by Algorithms: How Roboprocesses Are Remaking Our World (University of Chicago Press, 2019) is a timely and welcome edited volume in which a set of interdisciplinary contributors explore how people make automated processes work, and how these systems reciprocally transform... Read More
Pamila Gupta, “Portuguese Decolonization in the Indian Ocean World: History and Ethnography” (Bloomsbury, 2020)
Pamila Gupta’s Portuguese Decolonization in the Indian Ocean World: History and Ethnography (Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2020), takes a unique approach to examining decolonization processes across Lusophone India and Southern Africa, focusing on Goa, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa, weaving together case studies using five interconnected themes. Gupta considers decolonization through... Read More