New Books Network

Selby Wynn Schwartz, “The Bodies of Others: Drag Dances and Their Afterlives” (U Michigan Press, 2019)
Selby Wynn Schwartz writes about gender, performance, and the politics of embodiment. Her articles have been published in Women & Performance, PAJ, Dance Research Journal, TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Critical Correspondence, Ballet-Dance Magazine, In Dance, The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies, and the forthcoming anthology (Re)Claiming Ballet. She holds a... Read More
Harshita M. Kamath, “The Artifice of Brahmin Masculinity in South Indian Dance” (U California Press, 2019)
Harshita M. Kamath‘s new book The Artifice of Brahmin Masculinity in South Indian Dance (University of California Press, 2019) features an investigation of men donning a women’s guises to impersonate female characters – most notably Satyabhāmā, the wife of the Hindu deity Krishna –within the insular Brahmin community of the... Read More
Emily Wilcox, “Revolutionary Bodies: Chinese Dance and the Socialist Legacy” (U California Press, 2019)
What is “Chinese dance,” how did it take shape in during China’s socialist period, and how has this socialist form continued to influence Post-Mao expressive cultures in the People’s Republic of China? These are the questions that Emily Wilcox, Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Studies in the Department of Asian... Read More
David V. Mason, “The Performative Ground of Religion and Theatre” (Routledge, 2018)
To what extent may we say that religion is a theatrical phenomenon, and that theatre is a religious experience? Can making sense of one help us make sense of the other? Join us as we dive into The Performative Ground of Religion and Theatre (Routledge, 2018) with its author David... Read More
Anne Cheng, “Second Skin: Josephine Baker and the Modern Surface” (Oxford UP, 2017)
On this episode of the New Books Network, Dr. Lee Pierce (she/they)–Asst. Prof. of Rhetoric at SUNY Geneseo–interviews Dr. Anne Cheng (she/hers)–Professor of English and Director of the Program in American Studies at Princeton University–to discuss an inimitable work of critique: Second Skin: Josephine Baker and the Modern Surface (Oxford... Read More
Victoria Fortuna, “Moving Otherwise: Dance, Violence and Memory in Buenos Aires” (Oxford UP, 2018)
Victoria Fortuna‘s new book Moving Otherwise: Dance, Violence and Memory in Buenos Aires (Oxford University Press, 2018) examines the different ways in which contemporary dance practices have engaged in resistance amidst the political and economic violence experienced in Argentina, from the 1960s to the mid-2010s. Covering performances on the concert... Read More
Halifu Osumare, “Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir” (UP of Florida, 2018)
Combining memoir with auto-ethnography, historical study and sociocultural analysis, Halifu Osumare draws on her decades of experience to explore the complexities of black dance in the United States. Starting in San Francisco during the rise of the Black Arts and Black Power Movements as well as of hippie counterculture, Osumare’s... Read More