New Books Network

Alicia Izharuddin, “Gender and Islam in Indonesian Cinema” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)
Since the fall of the Indonesian New Order regime in 1998 there has been a steady rise of Islamic popular culture in the nation. Muslim consumers and producers have cultivated a mediated domain where they can encounter commercial entertainment though the prism of spiritual reflection and piety. In Gender and... Read More
Liz Gloyn, “Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture” (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019)
What is it about ancient monsters that popular culture still finds so enthralling? Why do the monsters of antiquity continue to stride across the modern world? In Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), the first in-depth study of how post-classical societies use the creatures from ancient myth,... Read More
Elena Past, “Italian Ecocinema: Beyond the Human” (Indiana UP, 2019)
Elena Past’s recently published Italian Ecocinema: Beyond the Human (Indiana University Press, 2019) studies a complex of issues surrounding on-location films made in Italy and the way their production leaves lasting, material traces on the environment. The films span a number of regions and ecospheres within Italy: the Adriatic, site... Read More
Aisha Shillingford and Terry Marshall, “Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Re-Imaging Gender in Wakanda” (WDL, 2019)
Wakanda Dream Lab’s anthology, Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Re-Imaging Gender in Wakanda, features the work of writers, artists, and activists, as they imagine gender justice through the framework of Wakanda. The various stories and pieces are creative and thought-provoking as they center the voices, experiences, and visions of Black and... Read More
Rico Isaacs, “Film and Identity in Kazakhstan: Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture in Central Asia” (I.B. Tauris, 2018)
In Film and Identity in Kazakhstan: Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture in Central Asia (I.B. Tauris, 2018), Rico Isaacs uses cinema as an analytical tool to demonstrate the constructed and contested nature of Kazakh national identity. By first tracing the evolution of Kazakh national identity formation and then analyzing data from... Read More
Mariëlle Wijermars, “Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia: Television, Cinema, and the State” (Routledge, 2018)
In her new book, Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia: Television, Cinema and the State (Routledge, 2018), Mariëlle Wijermars discusses how history is being reimagined in pop culture and by the Russian government to give legitimacy and a sense of history to the Putin regime. She discusses the political reimagining overtime... Read More
Lindsey Green-Simms, “Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa” (U Minnesota Press, 2019)
Cars promise freedom, autonomy, and above all, movement but leave whole cities stuck in traffic, breathing polluted air, exposed of deadly crashes, and dependent on vast the vast infrastructures of road networks, and oil production. Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa (University of Minnesota Press, 2019) examines the paradoxes... Read More