Adrienne Sharp, “The Magnificent Esme Wells” (Harper, 2018)
At six, Esme Wells has never attended school, but she has already learned how to take care of her father: accompany him to the racetrack, load up on hot dogs when asked, and keep an eye open for stray tickets that may turn out to be winning bets. When not... Read More
John Richard Bell, “The Circumstantial Enemy” (Endeavour Press, 2017)
We all imagine that, when put to the test, we will end up on the right side of history, however we define it. Nowhere is that statement more true than in reference to World War II. But sometimes people end up on the wrong side for reasons outside their control—even... Read More
Claudia H. Long, “Chains of Silver” (Five Directions Press, 2018)
From the fifteenth through the early eighteenth centuries, the Catholic authorities in Spain and its colonies, including Mexico, took a hard line against the Jewish community. Those who would not convert were banished or killed; officially the community did not exist. But in fact, many conversos, as these forced Christians... Read More
Gwen C. Katz, “Among the Red Stars” (Harper Teen, 2017)
Valentina (Valka) Koroleva and her cousin Iskra share a dream: to fly in defense of their Soviet motherland against the Nazi forces that have launched a surprise invasion in violation of Hitler’s nonaggression pact with Stalin. So when Valka receives a telegram announcing the formation of all-female fighting and bomber... Read More
Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb, “Last Christmas in Paris” (William Morrow, 2017)
When we first meet Thomas Harding in 1968, he is facing what he believes will be his last Christmas and mourning the loss of an unnamed woman who clearly meant a great deal to him. He carries with him bundles of letters, which he plans to re-read on his trip... Read More
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