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Paula McQuade, “Catechisms and Women’s Writing in Seventeenth-Century England” (Cambridge UP, 2017)
Paula McQuade, professor of English literature at DePaul University, is the author of a brilliant new account of Catechisms and Women’s Writing in Seventeenth-Century England (Cambridge University Press, 2017). This book opens up an entirely new field for the study of early modern women’s writing, but it also pushes beyond... Read More
John Shelton Reed, “Dixie Bohemia: A French Quarter Circle in the 1920s” (LSU Press, 2012)
John Shelton Reed, William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor of sociology (emeritus) at the University of North Carolina, has been observing the South for decades. This week he and Al Zambone talk about New Orleans in the 1920s, the subject of his book Dixie Bohemia: A French Quarter Circle in the... Read More
Annabel L. Kim, “Unbecoming Language: Anti-Identitarian French Feminist Fictions” (Ohio State UP, 2018)
In Unbecoming Language: Anti-Identitarian French Feminist Fictions (The Ohio State University Press, 2018), Annabel Kim tangles with the question of difference so central to French feminism, theory, and writing. In a series of literary and historical contextualizations and close readings of authors Nathalie Sarraute, Monique Wittig, and Anne Garréta, Kim... Read More
Emily Wilson, trans., “The Odyssey” (Norton, 2017)
The first great adventure story in the Western canon, The Odyssey is a poem about violence and the aftermath of war; about wealth, poverty, and power; about marriage and family; about travelers, hospitality, and the yearning for home. In this fresh, authoritative version, this stirring tale of shipwrecks, monsters, and magic comes... Read More
Tamara Hundorova, “The Post-Chornobyl Library: Ukrainian Postmodernism of the 1990s” (ASP, 2019)
Tamara Hundorova’s The Post-Chornobyl Library: Ukrainian Postmodernism of the 1990s (Academic Studies Press, 2019) is a compelling study of the literary changes that mark Ukrainian literature at the end of the 20th century. As the title of the book prompts, a starting point—or rather a triggering moment for further metamorphoses—is... Read More
Andrew Hobbs, “A Fleet Street In Every Town: The Provincial Press in England, 1855-1900” (Open Book, 2018)
The dominance of the London press in the British national media has long overshadowed the presence of local newspapers in Great Britain and the roles they played in their communities. As Andrew Hobbs demonstrates in his book A Fleet Street In Every Town: The Provincial Press in England, 1855-1900 (Open... Read More
Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee, “Philology and Criticism: A Guide to Mahābhārata Textual Criticism” (Anthem Press, 2018)
The Hindu great epic, Mahābhārata, exists today in hundreds of variant manuscripts across India. These manuscripts were painstakingly examined, sorted and reconstituted into the official Critical Edition of the Mahābhārata. Is the Critical Edition a viable means of studying India’s great epic?  While several scholars critique this undertaking project, the... Read More