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Kameron Hurley, “The Light Brigade” (Saga Press, 2019)
Some war stories emphasize heroism and a higher purpose; others emphasize brutality and disillusionment. The first kind of story got Dietz, the narrator of Kameron Hurley’s military science fiction novel The Light Brigade (Saga Press, 2019), to enlist in a war against aliens from Mars. The second is the story... Read More
Lowell Mick White, “Burnt House” (Buffalo Times Press, 2018)
After her parents’ divorce, Jackie Stalnaker is sent to her grandmother’s dilapidated house in a tiny town in West Virginia. It’s a hot, mid 1970’s summer in Burnt House, where the only thing to look forward to is a weekly old movie shown at the library. But Jackie is grateful... Read More
Christina Adams, “Camel Crazy” (New World Library, 2019)
Today I’m speaking with author Christina Adams, and Adams has something of a surprising muse: camels. That’s right, camels. One hump, two humps, crossing the Egyptian desert or the Siberian tundra. Adams’ muse is surprising, because she lives, like many of us, in North America—Orange County, California, to be exact.... Read More
Katharine Dion, “The Dependents” (Back Bay Books, 2019)
Gene is newly widowed and haunted by his memories. As he bumbles through long days, he questions his wife Maida’s sudden death, his daughter’s motives, and the enduring and meaningful friendship of best friends Ed and Gayle Donnelly. He tries to resurrect the good memories of the two couples raising... Read More
Priya Sharm, “Ormeshadow” (, 2019)
A slim volume you can swallow in one melancholy winter afternoon, best with sips of a mellow amber whisky with undertones of peat, Priya Sharm‘s Ormeshadow (, 2019) is more about human beasts than the actual dragon that slumbers under the earth. The fraternal archetypes; the civilized and the wild... Read More
Becca Klaver, “Ready for the World” (Black Lawrence Press, 2020)
Becca Klaver writes in the poem ‘Hooliganism Was the Charge,’ It offered reassurance which said, “You are not alone; I can hear you.” Her forthcoming collection, Ready for the World (Black Lawrence Press 2020), reminds us that no matter the digital distance between us we are never quite alone. A... Read More
Mike Chen, “A Beginning at the End” (MIRA, 2020)
The end of the world is no excuse for eating French fries. That’s a lesson 7-year-old Sunny Donelly learns from her father, Rob, who tries to give her as normal a childhood as possible in the post-pandemic landscape of Mike Chen’s A Beginning at the End (MIRA, 2020). Trying to... Read More