New Books Network

Mark Barr, “Watershed” (Hub City Press, 2019)
It’s 1937 and rural Tennessee is still recovering from the Great Depression. The construction of a huge dam brings job seekers, fortune hunters, and the promise of electricity to the area. Claire, a young mother of two, realizes her marriage is over when she wakes up with a sexually transmitted... Read More
Serena Burdick, “The Girls with No Names” (Park Row Books, 2020)
Effie Tildon loves her older sister, Luella. Sixteen to Effie’s thirteen, Luella has long taken the leading role in deciding what the two sisters do, even when it leads them in directions their parents would not approve of. Those three extra years are one reason that Luella directs Effie rather... Read More
Donald Morrill, “Impetuous Sleeper” (Mid-List Press, 2009)
Usually on the New Books Network we do exactly what our name says: we talk about new books. Today, however, we’re doing something a little different. I’m interviewing Donald Morrill about his very not-new book of essays Impetuous Sleeper (Mid-List Press, 2009). It was published a decade ago. However, it... Read More
Jason Brown, “A Faithful but Melancholy Account of Several Barbarities Lately Committed” (Missouri Review, 2019)
The ten linked stories in Jason Brown‘s A Faithful but Melancholy Account of Several Barbarities Lately Committed (Missouri Review, 2019) follow John Howland and his descendants as they struggle with their New England legacy as one of the country’s founding families and the decaying trappings of that esteemed past. Set... Read More
Jim Rossi, “Cleantech Con Artists: A True Vegas Caper” (2019)
After Jim Rossi began writing his M.A. thesis in History at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the project took an unexpected turn. His research on the solar industry in the Mojave desert brought him into close contact with a number of entrepreneurs in clean technology, and start-ups in the... Read More
Abdulhamid Sulaymon o’g’li Cho’lpon, “Night and Day: A Novel” (Academic Studies Press, 2019)
Christopher Fort’s new translation of Abdulhamid Sulaymon o’g’li Cho’lpon’s Night and Day: A Novel (Academic Studies Press, 2019) (Kecha va Kunduz) gives readers a chance to dive into the world of early 20th century Uzbek literature and understand the complex social problems of late Russian imperial Turkestan. This book will... Read More
Seanan McGuire, “Middlegame” (, 2019)
Science fiction and fantasy often feature characters who seek absolute control (over a kingdom, country, world, galaxy or universe), but few break down the secret to power as elegantly as Seanan McGuire in Middlegame (, 2019), where her sibling protagonists subdue the forces of nature through the union of two... Read More