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Elsa Hart, “City of Ink” (Minotaur Books, 2018)
If there is one thing more fun than discovering a new (to oneself) author, it is discovering a new author with a series already well underway. In City of Ink (Minotaur Books, 2018), the third of Elsa Hart’s mystery novels set in early eighteenth-century China during the reign of the... Read More
Frances Donovan, “Mad Quick Hand of the Seashore” (Reaching Press, 2018)
Grey Held writes of Frances Donovan‘s book, Mad Quick Hand of the Seashore (Reaching Press 2018 ), “there is hunting for love, there is basking in love, there is longing.” This collection offers all of these things. It examines what it is to love romantically, sexually, as a friend, and... Read More
Jennifer Acker, “The Limits of the World” (Delphinium Books, 2019)
Sunil Chandaria is struggling to write his PhD dissertation in philosophy at Harvard University. He feels his father’s disapproval because he didn’t become a doctor, and his mother’s disapproval that he doesn’t have a job or a wife. The Chandaria family lives in Columbus, Ohio. They are emigrants from Nairobi,... Read More
Anand Prahlad, “The Secret Life of a Black Aspie: A Memoir” (U Alaska Press, 2017)
Anand Prahlad was born on a former plantation in Virginia in 1954. This memoir, vividly internal, powerfully lyric, and brilliantly impressionistic, is his story. For the first four years of his life, Prahlad didn’t speak. But his silence didn’t stop him from communicating—or communing—with the strange, numinous world he found... Read More
Kelly J. Beard, “An Imperfect Rapture” (Zone 3 Press, 2018)
Many of you listening to this now probably recall growing up in a household of faith. You may have fond memories of the familiar rituals, the holidays, the shared family values. A weekly service at a church, a temple or a mosque. For many worshippers, religion can provide a sense... Read More
Stephen Hough, “The Final Retreat” (Sylph Editions, 2018)
The Final Retreat (Sylph Editions, 2018) is a debut novel of Stephen Hough, a world-renowned concert pianist and composer. The novel narrates a story of a priest Joseph Flynn, who undergoes a deep emotional and psychological confusion that arises out of his devotion to religion and his desire to be... Read More
Charlie Jane Anders, “The City in the Middle of the Night” (Tor Books, 2019)
Charlie Jane Anders’ The City in the Middle of the Night (Tor Books, 2019) is a coming of age story about Sophie, a young woman trying to forge her identity on a planet of rigid social classes, harsh climate and frightening aliens. Feeling hopelessly out of place, Sophie ventures where no human... Read More