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Kara Ritzheimer, “‘Trash,’ Censorship, and National Identity in Early Twentieth-Century Germany” (Cambridge UP, 2016)
Convinced that sexual immorality and unstable gender norms were endangering national recovery after World War One, German lawmakers drafted a constitution in 1919 legalizing the censorship of movies and pulp fiction, and prioritizing social rights over individual rights. These provisions enabled legislations to adopt two national censorship laws intended to... Read More
Sara K. Eskridge, “Rube Tube: CBS and Rural Comedy in the Sixties” (U Missouri Press, 2019)
The television comedies of the 1960s set in the American South epitomize American innocence. But in their original historical, social, and commercial context, their portrayals of southern life and their omissions of political events and people of color raise questions about how these television programs have been embraced, then and... Read More
E. Douglas Bomberger, “Making Music American: 1917 and the Transformation of Culture” (Oxford UP, 2018)
There has been a recent trend in books that explore one year in detail: 1914, 1927, and 1968 have all received this treatment. E. Douglas Bomberger’s new book Making Music American: 1917 and the Transformation of Culture from Oxford University Press (2018) is new twist on this phenomenon. Rather than... Read More
Brian Cremins, “Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia” (UP of Mississippi, 2017)
Brian Cremins‘ book Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia (University Press of Mississippi, 2017) explores the history of Billy Batson, a boy who met a wizard that allowed him to transform into a superhero. When Billy says, “Shazam!” he becomes Captain Marvel. Cremins’ explores the history of artist C.C.... Read More
John Etty, “Graphic Satire in the Soviet Union: Krokodil’s Political Cartoons” (UP of Mississippi, 2019)
In Graphic Satire in the Soviet Union: Krokodil’s Political Cartoons (University Press of Mississippi, 2019), Dr. John Etty explains how Krokodil magazine provided a venue in which the state, the magazine’s editors, and readers all participated in defining what it was permissible to laugh at in the USSR. A standard... Read More
Mark D. White, “Batman and Ethics” (Wiley Blackwell, 2019)
Mark D. White‘s new book Batman and Ethics (Wiley Blackwell, 2019) focuses on the comic book character Batman, particularly from the early 1970s through 2011, exploring Batman’s motivations, his mission, aspects of the mission that do not always work together, and how Batman implements and executes his mission. This book aims... Read More
Jerry T. Watkins III, “Queering the Redneck Riviera: Sexuality and the Rise of Florida Tourism” (UP of Florida, 2018)
As the title suggests, Jerry T. Watkins III’s Queering the Redneck Riviera: Sexuality and the Rise of Florida Tourism (University Press of Florida, 2018) re-queers this North Florida tourist destination showing how people who defied gender and sexual normalcy found their space in the “Sunshine State” after the Second World... Read More