Douglas Lain, “After the Saucers Landed” (Night Shade Books, 2015)
In today’s episode, I talk with Douglas Lain, one of six authors whose works were nominated for this year’s Philip K. Dick Award. Lain’s novel, After the Saucers Landed (Night Shade Books, 2015) is set in the early 1990s, when aliens, with the theatrical sense of B-movie directors, land flying... Read More
David B. Coe, “His Father’s Eyes,” (Baen, 2015)
David B. Coe just finished a busy year in which he published three novels, two of which we discuss in this episode of New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy. His Father’s Eyes (Baen, 2015) is the second book (the first, Spell Blind, was also published in 2015) to follow... Read More
Katherine Addison, “The Goblin Emperor” (Tor Books, 2014)
Katherine Addison‘s The Goblin Emperor has earned what might be termed a fantasy Grand Slam: the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel and nominations for the Nebula, Hugo and World Fantasy awards. To make her achievement even more noteworthy, Addison, like Maia, the royal goblin at the heart of the... Read More
Jane Lindskold, “Artemis Invaded” (Tor, 2015)
At a time when science fiction is more likely to portray ecosystems collapsing rather than flourishing, Jane Lindskold‘s Artemis series is an anomaly. Its eponymous planet is not an ecological disaster but rather full of so many wonders that it was once a vacation paradise for a now vanished society.... Read More
Melinda Snodgrass, “Edge of Dawn” (Tor, 2015)
What do the jobs of opera singer, lawyer and science fiction writer have in common? Answer: Melinda Snodgrass. The author of the just published Edge of Dawn‘s first ambition was to sing opera. But after studying opera in Vienna, she came to the conclusion that “I had a nice voice,... Read More
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