BOOKS RECEIVED: Mary M Gergen and Kenneth J Gergen, “Playing with Purpose: Adventures in Performative Social Science” (Left Coast Press, 2012)
Distilling decades of work spanning their prestigious careers, Mary M. and Kenneth J. Gergen make a strong case for enriching the social sciences through performative work. They present a unique exploration of the origins of performative social science and provide… Read More
BOOKS RECEIVED: Tami Spry, “Body, Paper, Stage: Writing and Performing Autoethnography” (Left Coast Press, 2011)
Tami Spry provides a methodological introduction to the budding field of performative autoethnography. She intertwines three necessary elements comprising the process. First one must understand the body – navigating concepts of self, culture, language, class, race, gender, and physicality. The… Read More
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