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Michelle Haberland, “Striking Beauties: Women Apparel Workers in the U.S. South, 1930-2000” (U Georgia Press, 2015)
Professor Michelle Haberland of Georgia Southern University, author of Striking Beauties: Women Apparel Workers in the U.S. South (University of Georgia Press, 2015), discusses the dynamics of gender, class, race and globalization in the southern apparel industry from the 1930s to today. Apparel manufacturing in the American South, by virtue... Read More
Gary Meisner, “The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics” (Race Point Press, 2018)
From the pyramids of Giza, to quasicrystals, to the proportions of the human face, the golden ratio has an infinite capacity to generate shapes with exquisite properties. This book invites you to take a new look at this timeless topic, with a compilation of research and information worthy of a... Read More
David Brandenberger, “Stalin’s Master Narrative” (Yale UP, 2019)
In this interview, David Brandenberger discusses his new edited volume (created in concert with RGASPI archivist and Russian historian Mikhail Zelenov) Stalin’s Master Narrative: A Critical Edition of ‘The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks): Short Course’ (Yale University Press, 2019). The Short Course was designed to be... Read More
Pekka Hämäläinen, “Lakota America: A New History of Indigenous Power” (Yale UP, 2019)
The names of Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse are often readily recognized among many Americans. Yet the longer, dynamic history of the Lakota – a history from which these three famous figures were created – remains largely untold. In Lakota America: A New History of Indigenous Power (Yale,... Read More
James Gordon Finlayson, “The Habermas-Rawls Debate” (Columbia UP, 2019)
Jürgen Habermas and John Rawls are perhaps the two most renowned and influential figures in social and political philosophy of the second half of the twentieth century. In the 1990s, they had a famous exchange in the Journal of Philosophy. Quarreling over the merits of each other’s accounts of the... Read More
Amy Offner, “Sorting Out the Mixed Economy: The Rise and Fall of Welfare and Developmental States in the Americas” (Princeton UP, 2019)
The neoliberal 1980s of austerity and privatization may appear as a break with the past—perhaps a model of government drawn up by libertarian economists. Not so, says Amy Offner in her spectacular new book, Sorting Out the Mixed Economy: The Rise and Fall of Welfare and Developmental States in the... Read More
Lian Xi, “Blood Letters: The Untold Story of Lin Zhao, a Martyr in Mao’s China” (Basic Books, 2018)
In 1960, a poet and journalist named Lin Zhao was arrested by the Communist Party of China and sent to prison for re-education. Years before, she had –at approximately the same time– converted to both Christianity and to Maoism. In prison she lost the second faith but clung to the... Read More