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B. Heersink and J. A. Jenkins, “Republican Party Politics and the American South, 1865-1968” (Cambridge UP, 2020)
Prior to the 1960s, Democrats were seen as having a lock on the South in national and local electoral politics, while Republicans had strengths in other parts of the country. While this was the case for some time, Boris Heersink and Jeffery A. Jenkins, in their new book,Republican Party Politics and... Read More
Hettie V. Williams, “Bury My Heart in a Free Land: Black Women Intellectuals in Modern U.S. History” (Praeger, 2018)
Black women intellectuals have traditionally been overlooked in the academic study of American intellectual history. Bury My Heart in a Free Land: Black Women Intellectuals in Modern U.S. History (Praeger) highlights the important contributions of both well- and lesser-known abolitionists, civil rights activists, preachers, writers, and artists to all spheres... Read More
Muhammed Fraser-Rahim, “America’s Other Muslims” (Lexington Books, 2020)
America’s Other Muslims: Imam W.D. Mohammed, Islamic Reform, and the Making of American Islam explores the oldest and perhaps the most important Muslim community in America, whose story has received little attention in the contemporary context. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim explores American Muslim Revivalist, Imam W.D. Mohammed (1933–2008) and his contribution to... Read More
Jennifer L. Morgan, “Laboring Women: Reproduction and Gender in New World Slavery” (U Pennsylvania Press, 2004)
In 2004, Dr. Jennifer L. Morgan’s Laboring Women: Reproduction and Gender in New World Slavery (University of Pennsylvania Press) was published. Sixteen years later, Morgan’s Laboring Women stands tall as one of the most important historical texts in the history of the academy. Building on Dr. Deborah Gray White’s literal... Read More
Catherine Adel West, “Saving Ruby King: A Novel” (Park Row Books, 2020)
Two south side Chicago families are bound together by a violence-infused past. Ruby’s mother, Alice King, has been murdered. Her father, Lebanon King, is an abusive man who endured a terrible childhood. Her best friend, Layla, has always tried to protect Ruby from Lebanon even though her own father and... Read More
Stooges Brass Band, “Can’t Be Faded: Twenty Years in the New Orleans Brass Band Game” (U Mississippi Press, 2020)
Can’t Be Faded: Twenty Years in the New Orleans Brass Band Game (University Press of Mississippi, 2020) is a collaboration between musician and ethnomusicologist Kyle DeCoste and more than a dozen members of the Stooges Brass Band, past and present. It is the culmination of five years of interviews, research,... Read More
Postscript: Shirley Chisholm as Principled Political Strategist
“I stand before you today as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America. “I am not the candidate of black America, although I am black and proud. “I am not the candidate of the women’s movement of this country, although I am... Read More
Simon Hall, “Ten Days in Harlem: Fidel Castro and the Making of the 1960s” (Faber and Faber, 2020)
In his new book Ten Days in Harlem: Fidel Castro and the Making of the 1960s (Faber, 2020), Simon Hall, a Professor of Modern History at the University of Leeds, colorfully details an extraordinary visit by Fidel Castro to New York in the Autumn of 1960 for the opening of the UN General... Read More
Charisse Burden-Stelly, “W.E.B. Du Bois: A Life in American History” (ABC-CLIO, 2019)
Why is the scholarship and advocacy work of W.E.B. Du Bois so relevant for 21st century politics? Does his unique combination of both serve as a possible template for today’s freedom movements? Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly (assistant professor of Africana Studies and Political Science at Carleton College and 2020-2021 Visiting Scholar... Read More
Jessica Marie Johnson, “Wicked Flesh: Black Women, Intimacy, and Freedom in the Atlantic World” (U Pennsylvania Press, 2020)
The story of freedom and all of its ambiguities begins with intimate acts steeped in power. It is shaped by the peculiar oppressions faced by African women and women of African descent. And it pivots on the self-conscious choices black women made to retain control over their bodies and selves,... Read More