Farhana Shaikh, “From Imposter to Impact: Arts Leadership in the 21st Century” (Dahlia Publishing, 2019)
What are the characteristics of the 21st Century arts leader? In From Imposter to Impact: Arts Leadership in the 21st Century (Dahlia Publishing, 2019), Farhana Shaikh, a writer, publisher, and journalist, details lessons from key arts thinkers. The book covers issues including funding, networking, audience development, the challenge of digital, and diversity in... Read More
Jacob Johanssen, “Psychoanalysis and Digital Culture: Audiences, Social Media, and Big Data” (Routledge, 2019)
How can insights from psychoanalysis help us understand digital culture? In Psychoanalysis and Digital Culture: Audiences, Social Media, and Big Data (Routledge, 2019), Jacob Johanssen, a senior lecturer in the University of Westminster’s School of Media and Communication, draws on the work of Freud and Anzieu to explore both traditional and new forms... Read More
Matthew Bingham, “Orthodox Radicals: Baptist Identity in the English Revolution” (Oxford UP, 2019)
Matthew Bingham, who teaches theology and church history at Oak Hill College, London, has written what must be one of the most startling accounts of religion in mid-seventeenth-century England. His new book, Orthodox Radicals: Baptist Identity in the English Revolution (Oxford University Press, 2019), argues against several centuries of historical... Read More
Sarah Stockwell, “The British End of the British Empire” (Cambridge UP, 2018)
In the aftermath of the Second World War, Great Britain was forced to give up the bulk of its vast, globe-spanning empire. While most histories of this process have examined it from the perspective of high politics and focused on matters of state construction, in The British End of the... Read More
Jeremy Black, “Britain and Europe: A Short History” (Hurst, 2019)
It was a pleasure, earlier today, to speak to Jeremy Black, professor of history at the University of Exeter, about his new book, Britain and Europe: A Short History (Hurst, 2018). Jeremy is one of the best-known and certainly the most prolific of British historians, and his new book demonstrates... Read More