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Richard Hingley, “Londinium: A Biography” (Bloomsbury, 2018)
From its humble beginnings as a crossing point over the river Thames Londinium grew into the largest city in Roman Britain. In Londinium: A Biography (Bloomsbury, 2018), Richard Hingley draws upon the latest archaeological discoveries to provide a look at the growth and development of London over the first centuries... Read More
Margaret C. Jacob, “The Secular Enlightenment” (Princeton UP, 2019)
The Secular Enlightenment by Professor Margaret C. Jacob, has been called a major new history on how the Enlightenment transformed people’s everyday lives. It’s a panoramic account of the radical ways that life began to change for ordinary people in the age of Locke, Voltaire, and Rousseau. In this landmark... Read More
Robert Matzen, “Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II” (GoodKnight Books, 2019)
Audrey Hepburn was justly known for her long acting career, yet her early life is largely unknown. In his book, Robert Matzen describes how she lived during the World War II period in Nazi-occupied Netherlands. Based on many interviews and other primary sources, Robert shows how she was affected by... Read More
Craig Benjamin, “Empires of Ancient Eurasia: The First Silk Roads Era, 100 BCE-250 CE” (Cambridge UP, 2018)
In the late second century BCE, a series of trading route developed between China in the east and Rome’s empire in the west. Craig Benjamin’s Empires of Ancient Eurasia: The First Silk Roads Era, 100 BCE-250 CE (Cambridge University Press, 2018) describes the emergence of these routes and the roles... Read More
Jeremy Black, “Charting the Past: The Historical Worlds of Eighteenth-Century England” (Indiana UP, 2018)
Eighteenth-century England was a place of both the enlightenment and progress: new ideas abounded in science, politics, transportation, commerce, philosophy, religion, and the arts. But even as England propelled itself into the future, it was preoccupied with notions of its past, both its immediate past and its far distant past.... Read More
Sigrid Lien, “Pictures of Longing: Photography and the Norwegian-American Migration” (U Minnesota Press, 2018)
In one of history’s largest migrations, hundreds of thousands of Norwegians immigrated to North American during the 1800s and early 1900s. In addition to letters sent home, Norwegian-Americans often included photographs showcasing their new American lives. In her book, Pictures of Longing: Photography and the Norwegian-American Migration (University of Minnesota... Read More