New Books Network

Matthew Green, “Legislative Hardball: The House Freedom Caucus and the Power of Threat-Making in Congress” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
“You think I am crazy, and I know you are not” is what future-White House Chief of Staff and then-House Freedom Caucus leader Congressman Mick Mulvaney said to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The two members of Congress were playing a game of chicken that helps explain the tactics and strategies... Read More
Stephen Fritz, “The First Soldier: Hitler as a Military Leader” (Yale UP, 2018)
In his new book, The First Soldier: Hitler as a Military Leader (Yale University Press, 2018), Stephen Fritz professor of history at East Tennessee State University reexamines Hitler as a military commander and strategist. That Hitler saw World War II as the only way to retrieve Germany’s fortunes and build... Read More
Hilary Plum, “Watchfires” (Rescue Press, 2016)
Today, I speak with Hilary Plum. She’s the author of Watchfires (Rescue Press, 2016), which isn’t so much a book as an exploratory biopsy of our body politic and our collective psyche. Plum examines our moment at the cellular level—whether that’s a cancerous cell or a terrorist cell—with the aim... Read More
Quincy D. Newell, “Your Sister in the Gospel: The Life of Jane Manning James, a Nineteenth-Century Black Mormon” (Oxford UP, 2019)
“Dear Brother,” Jane Manning James wrote to Joseph F. Smith in 1903, “I take this opportunity of writing to ask you if I can get my endowments and also finish the work I have begun for my dead …. Your sister in the Gospel, Jane E. James.” A faithful Latter-day... Read More
Guy Beiner, “Forgetful Remembrance: Social Forgetting and Vernacular Historiography of a Rebellion in Ulster” (Oxford UP, 2018)
Guy Beiner, who is professor of modern history at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, has written one of the longest and certainly one of the most extraordinary recent contributions to the historiography of Ireland and of memory studies. His new book, Forgetful Remembrance: Social Forgetting and Vernacular Historiography of... Read More
Jerry T. Watkins III, “Queering the Redneck Riviera: Sexuality and the Rise of Florida Tourism” (UP of Florida, 2018)
As the title suggests, Jerry T. Watkins III’s Queering the Redneck Riviera: Sexuality and the Rise of Florida Tourism (University Press of Florida, 2018) re-queers this North Florida tourist destination showing how people who defied gender and sexual normalcy found their space in the “Sunshine State” after the Second World... Read More